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The Spark Of A Generation of Technology & Development

Edward Yourdon of YOURDON Inc. was the company’s founding father, which provided consultation, education, and publishing in software engineering in 1974. Yourdon, himself, developed software engineering and based a calculation method called Yourdon structured approach, which provided ground methods for calculating physics design and analysis.

These systems also paved the way for programming methods related to calculative relationships, dynamics, and functions within a program. You can find all of these related to today’s applications such as Application Development, Online Casino Games, Structural Modeling in Computers, and many more.

Yourdon played an essential role in establishing the foundation for Apple Inc, Google, and Microsoft. It also impacted game companies such as Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Livemobile88, and Blue Hole Studio. These companies and development firms would not make it this far without Yourdon’s research in software engineering as the mechanics of every product of their relies on software engineering in one way or another.

Sadly, Edward Yourdon has passed and leaves his legacy in the hands of his company’s future proprietors. Stakeholders and shareholders were taken aback by the loss and now have moved towards investing in more financially attractive firms such as Nvidia as the recently bought over ARM manufacturing chip company.

The Yourdon Structured Method in Programs Such as 918Kiss, Google Play & Android

The Yourdon method is based on analysis and design. This revolves around finding out which program causes output to the corresponding input. In many ways, you can say that the programming design involves the brain and limbs of a software.
This not only gives the software the ability to act according to a specific sequence of inputs, but it also gives it the ability to be programmed in a way that it can generate an amount of randomness to its programming. For example, we have seen in the online casino game 918Kiss, which depends on this to recreate a physical casino experience.

Physical casinos also have the same rates, but they have been random with mechanical means such as game deliverance and mechanical improbabilities such as the among cogs in a slots machine.

The same goes for Google Play and Android, which is made up of a complex programming structure that involves many different input detections and a corresponding output running all at once in many sequences when operating a phone or the online Google store.

Without Yourdon’s method, we would not process all this information in the proper sequence. We will always have difficulty programming a complex set of operations that make up most of today’s tech & data world. We hope that Yourdon’s method gets a place in history as one of the most valuable software engineering methods to date.

Examples Of Games That Depend On Yourdon’s Method

918Kiss created a plethora of games that involve random odds, and this is one of the best examples of the use of Yourdon’s Method in a game’s setting.

● SCR888 – SCR888 uses the method to arrange online live card games such as Baccarat live. Players get to experience the random odds of a real casino in Pussy888 Livemobile88 because it lets the program duplicate the probability that an entire Baccarat game has.
3Win8 livemobile88 – This online casino game gets its name from a Dragon logo that symbolizes prosperity in the Chinese belief, and the games such as slot machines in 3Win8. It also depends on Yourdon’s method to generate random matches of sets of symbols in reel spins needed in an authentic online slot machine game.
● Joker123 – This game has plenty of luxury features and is one of the most played games online thanks to the software engineering method that helped the game mimic real casino odds and give players fair chances against the house.
● Lucky Palace – Games in Lucky Palace are among the best in the industry because of its smooth functions across many different platforms. This is achieved by designing the game and testing out its responsiveness at all levels.
XE88 Livemobile88 – One of the trending online casino platforms, XE88, makes it big by giving players a better experience overall, including the central menu systems and how the server reacts based on internet connectivity. You can confidently play XE88 even when your phone does not have an excellent connection to the internet.
● Newtown Casino – Newtown is also one of the most played virtual casinos in Asia, and this is done with the method of helping it overcome latency issues with the games. The games react fast to every input, giving players a more fluid experience with their online favorites.
Mega888 – Mega888 has made itself a big name in the industry, but it also relies on Yourdon’s method to make games behave appropriately under casinos such as Genting’s SkyCasino. Players love the odds that they are given in Mega888, and the game always manages to impress even those who had experienced real casinos.
● Rollex11 – Being one of the high demand casinos, Rollex11 makes use of software engineering to complete its full lineup of games. The development of these games takes time, and they are often compared to be as good as the real deal at all times. This gives Rollex11 one of the more premium casino names that it can get in Asia.
● Playboy Casino – Playboy has made its name famous with the theme taken directly from the infamous Playboy Mansion, and the games here are always based on high-end software engineering. Most of these games are already pre-made and ready to be added to the program at a moment’s notice.

In Conclusion

The Yourdon’s Method and Edward Yourdon himself has paved the way for our modern-day programming needs in almost every aspect of data technology. From our phones to computers and cars, we need software engineering at all times to further simplify our lifestyle and grant us endless entertainment in the things we love, such as games, sports, and creative software.

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