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Top 5 Blackjack Stories Up Till 2020

Top 5 Blackjack Stories Up Till 2020

 Top 5 Casino Blackjack Stories

There is a lot of questions when it comes to playing blackjack. Most often we ask ourselves, “did that actually happen?”. Well, if you read these stories then you’ll find out that they often happen more than just once. There are also extra interesting cases in the lineup. You also can test out the blackjack game by install 918kiss and register to try it out.

1) Unexpected Help From A Ploppy

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Blackjack Apprentice has many stories involving blackjack from the community. Some of which are downright rare. Here’s a story on how one of the forum members got saved by a ploppy!
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2) Counting Card Failure

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This story is from a member of Covers who failed to count his cards properly but still end up winning the round. Now that is what I would call “Blind luck” when it comes to luck games.
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3) Students Hacking A Casino

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BBC reported, in 2014 a team of students bested a casino at their own game. Can you believe that? Students getting money from a casino by exploiting their system. This is amazing really.
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4) FedEx Came From Blackjack?


FedEx CEO funded his company from Blackjack winnings at the start of his career! He made a one-hit-wonder and had probably invested the money into his businesses.
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5) Crazy Wins At The Table


Here’s the low down on the craziest wins on the casino table so far. These big wins grant bigger responsibility for those in seek of a second chance!

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In conclusion, expect the unexpected because not everything can go your way when it comes to caution, every casino business owner needs to know the signs of a good time to throw on the table. This also depends on what you want to invest in.

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Slot Game Strategies 2020

There are many strategies to winning a slot game in 2020. The online casino scene has bloomed into something bigger than a lot of what the online internet can hold. The rise of the popular online slot game is how it is today because of how versatile the internet and mobile devices became. Back in 2010, you would never imagine playing a slot game that is well made on a phone. The phone’s during that era cannot even support proper web browsing.

Now we have many different slot games available for anyone and everyone. There is something for everyone when it comes to slot games online as these games are added regularly and always refreshed. There are some well-known strategies when it comes to playing slots in King855 and other online casino platforms. Let’s guide you through some of them so you will have a better understanding of what you can achieve in each scenario.

Live Casino Games Vs Online Casino Games

These two types of games are different in their own regards. The games are different as always when it comes to the type of game and the different styles that they have. Live games are usually for those games which involve many different players such as Baccarat, Sic Bo, Blackjack, Poker, and more. These games are the ones usually developed into live games and then all other games including these ones are eligible to be standalone games that players can play by themselves.

Now know the difference?

Live casino games are always centered around being a game that involves many people and has short and fixed turn times. The timer is for players to bet within that amount of period and not extend the game too long. We determined this is the best solution for casino games that involve multiple players because it does not let players choose the time limit and the game will carry on without waiting for players as a convenience measure.

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