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Road to 918Kiss Jackpot

Road to 918Kiss Jackpot

How to play a mobile slot game and win?

I would like to play the most trending on & off-line gambling & fun and I found a website named livemobile88. The game I choose to play is 918kiss.

It assured by millions of players over Asia, the best slot game and online casino for mobile users, with just less than a 6” screen, you can get a chance to experience the winning sensation and while counting the winning stack wherever you are!

918kiss is rebranded from scr888 and is created in the year 2018 to fulfill Asia’s user desire to win and play. A great starting line for most greenhorn users who just starts to get in touch with online betting and cash trade. For the old player, this will be a trusted platform for betting while better when compare to another platform in terms of quality of games and amount of choices we have here.

It can be downloaded from the following link:

& many more links can be found, all platforms provide downloads for android and ios.

Download steps are easy and guides are normally provided at the download website. A user account can be created @

Good Gaming Experience

The gameplay resolution is as clear as it can be, so is the interface set up position, easy to play and use. Games can even be run without much supervision so that users can continue with task on hand while giving attention to the betting session once in a while. The not only slot game is always the most popular choice and 918kiss has added other gameplay styles such as cards, dice, shooting, clicking, and racing game. The game requires a little space in RAM to operate while consuming battery at a reasonable rate.

Among the list of choices in games we have, 918 provides a hundred thirty-two single-player games and eleven online games. Keeping on swiping through the list of choices, it is very easy to find one that favors the user, with proper strategy ( will be discussed and opened to discuss later in the future post on how to strategize your game plan to optimize the profit). I personally had experienced the following games and the win-loss rate is now still positively charge. A word of advice is that give it some time to run even when you are losing! because you have no idea when will the next bet favour yours!

So excited with hundreds of games

I personally scrolled through all the games before really starting to play any of them, finding out almost all the games are different in styles of play whilst I can pick from the list depending on the favoritism that day. It can be an unexpected experience if you choose from sports games, shooting games, or it can be just a simple gambling type of gameplay if the user is just too lazy to work on any of the game plans. Furthermore,  once cash in, the account balance is actually shared. So that if you can be expert enough in any of them, you will be able to share that wealth immediately to your real-life account. I had won a big buck by playing roulettes, the chances are considered wild, but if you are being observant enough, there are actually a few different ways of winning formulas that you can easily notice.  Of course, not 100% accurate as luck is a key role in this game either, so take your time, recognize the trend, try your luck without hesitation, and the god of wealth will rewards you soon!

There do exist a few spaces for improvements for this platform such as lack of system control inside the game, for example, forum, chat room, and customization. But still overall is good, if you can accept the fact there we all are just going into this game for some fun and money’s sake.

It so fun after trying out a few games.

I had planned to try out a few other games soon, hopefully, it will be a good one so that there will be a good article follow-up next for you all. So in all, if you are still not quite familiar with the online betting type of competing game, you can try out 918 kisses for sure, highly recommended as it has shown overall fairness in-game as well as winning rate. Generally still acceptable when it comes to user-friendliness. Don’t forget to recommend it to your friend if you find it to be a good gaming site.

Next, to be awaited, I will post up on 4-5 game reviews as a reference intro for those who wish to try this game out, come with a decent comment and game plan, & explanations for a more successful game experience and winning load. Therefore, keep a lookout at this post as I will stay posted here! Hope you all enjoy the lengthy words.

You may get 918kiss register with Livemobile88

918Kiss is also the name of the game and with every move you make, the dealer can interact because there are monitors in front of each dealer showing your interactions in the casino game. The dealers use these screens as references so that they can pinpoint when they should draw for you or help you make a physical move on the game table. Once the game is served the dealer continues onto the next set.

Security is guaranteed by cameras operating on-site as our security team screens every move made by our dealers. Our dealers are checked always to ensure that they give a fair game to the player at all times. There are off-screen cameras that check the dealer’s dealings and movements so they are in line with how the casino has trained them to operate. Read more articles.

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