Gaming & Playing Responsibly

-Betting responsibly

Play easily and safely when playing with Livemobile88, we want you to game responsibly and safely when playing with us here. Our players are allowed to set their own limits and definition of responsible play and betting with our applications that help all players to easily maintain their own gaming limits. Gaming and gambling or betting is a way for people to entertain themselves and should not be something that impacts lives in a bad way through finance or emotions. Borrowing and lending money to gamble, betting more than you can spend or using cash that is meant for other more important purposes is not only irresponsible but can cause further problems for players and the people around them. Our platform encourages you to play on Livemobile88 and stay safe and healthy in doing so, so play and game responsibly while also having fun!

-Application to manage play-time

Players entertaining themselves with gambling often usually spend over the amount they have placed most of the time. Our recommendation is that your budget is properly planned so that you can afford what you spend at all betting or gambling outlets online and offline.

Some players do not want to admit that they have problems managing their gambling activities and only ask for help when they are in trouble. Think about it honestly, if you feel that you have a problem in yourself, set a goal to stop the problem of overspending on your gambling habits and test yourself within one month or two weeks. Seek a counselor if you have failed to cure your own problems before it is too late.

-Underage gambling is illegal

Only players above the age of 21 are allowed to play at Livemobile88 and we take precautions and checks to ensure that no player is under the legal age limit is on our platforms participating in betting activities. Players who provide wrong details about their age will be disqualified and removed from our platform and all services to disqualified players will be revoked. Underage players are not allowed at Livemobile88.

-Addicted to Gambling


Try asking yourself these questions if you feel as if you have a problem with gambling:

  • Have other people asked you about your gambling activities?
  • Have you lied about the amount you spend on gambling?
  • Do your bad emotions make you want to gamble?
  • Do you spend excessive amounts of time gambling?
  • Do you stay away from work or your family to gamble?
  • Does gambling make you forget about your bad moments?
  • Do you keep gambling money for yourself and not spend on anything physical?
  • Losing any of your interests to gambling?
  • After losing money during gambling, you rush to win it back?
  • You feel in despair when you lose your money at gambling?
  • Do you gamble in the hopes of making your life better?
  • Have you lied about or stolen money to pay back your debts?
  • Does gambling make you unhappy when you lose?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions then you should seek help to curb your gambling addiction or problems you might have with gambling. Gambling is a form of entertainment that is both enjoyed when you win or lose. If losing in gambling activities impacts the way you live, you are using gambling activities the wrong way.



There are counselors or organizations that can help you in your time of need if you have gambling problems. We always encourage players to get help when they need it the most. These websites below have contact addresses to help you get in touch with the help you need.

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