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The Slots Game Machine Online – Pussy888

Pussy888 is a free real-time strategy(RTS) mobile game that was made and published by Livemobile88 which made slots trick that started the very game due to massive popularity all over the world. This game is one of those tower rush type games that means you need to defend your base and attack other people’s towers to achieve victory.

Did I mention other peoples’ towers? Yes! It is a multiplayer online battle casino arena game inside Pussy888 which fit for the best rulers and fans of Livemobile88 series games. You take turns and some modes pit two to four players together in a match.

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The game may seem like a far fetch concept that only advanced players can understand but do not fear, the game will guide you along the way so you can master your castle’s defense and attack to secure victory in your matches against all other player’s online. Must you play with great respect? Why not, we are all friends here in Clash.

The best thing about this game is the current interactive slot game design layout that has multiple terrains and map levels that make your mind stay fresh when exploring the game as deeply as you can. The soundtracks are well designed as of today’s standards and it gives us one of the cutest gameplay that we can ever muster to witness in these tower defense types of games.

How To Use Slot Cards In The Game?

Pussy888 also have game which playable deck characters that can call upon troops, buildings, or spells. Before each battle, players would be able to pick a deck of 8 cards of their choice and this will be the main set that every player needs to throw in battle.

Players must choose their cards carefully or risk being handicapped in any game versus an opponent which has significantly better decks. Elixirs and potions are also used to prepare some cards and you may find these cards to be more beneficial as they bring tide changing values and properties when activated on a battlefield. Other reading click here.

Livemobile88 Slot Game Tips to use in Malaysia

From a level 1 experience, players can join or form new clans. This lets players engage in friendly battles and clan wars but it also unlocked different features of the game such as trading or requesting cards from your clan members after becoming level 2. Every clan has a maximum cap of 50 players in total.

Pussy888 Jackpot angpau was an added feature that separates into two days which are called war day and collection day. In a game, the clan must have at least 10 players of level 8 and above to take part. This rotates every month and to the winner goes the spoils of the war which they will collect on collection day. Everybody wins in clan wars as even the losing team gets a fair share of points which take into account how hard they fought.

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