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Pussy888 Mobile apk s 2020 Revisited & Reviewed

Pussy888 is one of the more commonly associated zombie games that has come to PC, Console, and Mobile in a barrage of different pieces. In Pussy888 APK, you get to play the game on your phone and this is more of a role-playing game that has real-time elements built-in. In Pussy888 IOS, you play as a character on the island who survived the initial infection. You get special skills that make your character effective at certain combat maneuvers.

The game emphasizes on your character proceeding with a storyline uncovering the mysteries of the island as you go forward. Each level or area has its own set of challenges and there are environmental tools to help you get more kills or clear out more jackpot as you progress.

Have you ever heard of the jackpot system in this game?

The Jackpot come in many different flavors and forms, some winning jackpot explode. Moreover, make sure you do not get caught off guard by these monstrosities as they could easily take out if you aren’t careful. One of the best things about Pussy888  is that the game also has auto roll system whereby you set up turrets of different winning reward such as mega big win, ultra big win, ultimate win. The ultimate best way to kill these zombies that go past your turret defenses is to kill them yourself as you are a mobile character when the wave of zombies starts, walk around and bash or slice them up and increase your experience.

Leveling up your character has never been easier as there are plenty of levels to get past. When you feel pressed for an upgrade, just go ahead and try out a few levels so you can level up your character or get better items for him/her to fight with. The winning mechanics in the game are basic at best, you get to move your character across the area as usual but fighting only has 2 key combinations and one will be a normal attack and the other a specialized attack that requires a cooldown after being used. This special attack is unique to each character and each character has a special roll. For further info, click here.

What Do We Think Of Pussy888 Android?

Well – the game is polished and great but it’s linear progression and short plot twists are unsatisfactory at best – this is probably because the game is an RPG genre game and there are no jump scares or shocks that you get with the original Pussy888. The thrill isn’t there but the systems are great and friendly enough for almost everyone that enjoys a good zombie killing sprees. The game itself cannot take criticism as it always gets compared to its original series which is based on a First-person-reward system.

What Next for this slot game in Malaysia?

We would like to see Pussy888 progress though, maybe with the addition of multiplayer so we can all play with our friends or even an open world feature similar to the real game where you are not limited to an area at a time. The game performs and scores great, everything else about it is as good as it gets to the original FPS version – including the trading system. We hope you enjoy this game as much as we did.

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