SCR888 Game Introduction | Best Online Casino In Malaysia | SCR888
SCR888 Introduction | Best Online Casino In Malaysia

SCR888 Introduction | Best Online Casino In Malaysia

What is SCR888?

SCR888 is an online casino platform built for people who want to try their luck at betting on games and either winning or losing their money. It is available for download on both iPhone and Android. Having an internet connection and game credits in your account enables you to play anywhere and any time!

Who is SCR888 for?

SCR888 is usually for those who cannot travel much. The game is built to be played on mobile and is very easy to install. Office workers, laborers, general workers, students, senior people. Almost everyone can play SCR888 because of its online nature and there is no problem going forward with transactions from trusted sites. Just like a real casino, they want people to stay and give good comments about the experience.

How to find trusted sites to play with? is an example of a trusted site. As you can see, we have proof of banking transfers. You can also search Facebook reviews on every casino site to find the best one and not get scammed. If you have trouble with trust, you can also check with customer support and invest in a small amount first to see if your game agent is a real agent or a scammer. Everyone needs to be careful with online casinos because many people get cheated out of their money because they did not check properly before investing.

The Games

There are over 60+ Games in SCR888 for you to play and explore but we will only be giving the top 10 best games that everyone plays at SCR888 for you to have a good starting experience if you are new to this game.

1. Safari Heat from 3win8

logo safari heat

This slot game has five reels and a lot of bonuses to enjoy. 15 lines slot with an Africa-themed design. There are 13 animals used as symbols of the game. The game has easy rules and is great to learn for beginners.


  • Fast loading on mobile
  • Easy to play
  • Nice theme and design
  • Feels nice to play for long periods


  • To play the game further, need to deposit through your gaming agent
  • Old PC cannot play the game properly
Rating: 8/10

2. Sultan’s Gold scr888

Sultans Gold Game Cover

Sultan’s Gold is one of everyone’s favorite casino slot games. Arabian Themed design, this game looks and feels really nice to play even for starting players.


  • Good graphics and music
  • Can build credits easily with the type of wins
  • Simple to control and easy to play


  • Sometimes can get stuck when playing
  • Needs flash player on PC to play
Rating: 9/10

3. Great Blue joker123

great blue slot game cover picture

Playtech made this 23-spin slot game that can get its spin x10 multiplier and gives you extra free spins occasionally as a bonus. This complex slot game needs skills and is one of the classic examples of online slot games that exists today.


  • Simple rules and an easy learning curve
  • Highly rated games on SCR888
  • High chances to earn bonus


  • Needs good internet to play
  • Free to play but when the limit is reached, needs to have a reload from your gaming agent
Rating: 8/10

4. Panther Moon rollex11

Panther Moon Game Cover Picture

A jungle-themed online casino game with nice animation, amazing graphics, and an excellent soundtrack. You will get stuck playing this game for a very long time. You don’t have to pay money on reels. Just choose a wager and play to win!


  • High chance to get free spins
  • Payout combination is so good
  • High chance of scattering multiplier


  • No progression for jackpot steps
  • On the second screen, cannot earn a good bonus
Rating: 7/10

5. Hot Gems play8oy2

hot gems cover image for casino game

Five reels and 25 pay lines for this slot game. This online casino game by Playtech has great graphics and a fun atmosphere for all players!


  • Everyone can win 15 free spins
  • Has both wild and scatter symbols
  • Very nice playing pannel


  • 5 Point minimum betting system is expensive
  • Needs flash player support on PC
Rating: 9/10

6. 918kiss Captain’s Treasure

captains treasure scr888

This slot casino game has 20 pay lines and 5 reels to spin. This makes it very easy to win the game. It has a pirate theme to its design and makes for a very interesting play.


  • Comes with multiplying wild symbols.
  • Easy to control and operate
  • Wild symbols can scatter symbols


  • Large gap period in between bonuses
  • Limited progressive jackpot
  • No free spins
Rating: 7/10

7.  Mega888 Plenty O’Fortune

Plenty Of Fortune Game

A very nice game with 20 pay lines and 3 free spins! This game has a dancing leprechaun because of its Irish theme for the game. The sound is great too with themed music.


  • There is a good range of bonus symbols when playing
  • Can win cash prizes when playing for long periods
  • Easy to understand and play for new players


  • Spins can increase to 100 points for spins
  • Needs flash player support on PC
Rating: 8/10

8. Rollex11 Royal Ace Casino

Royal ace casino logo

From Ace Revenue Affiliate Program, only experienced poker players should play this online casino game. With a seven-tier VIP Club being the highlight of this unique game. Big players only are encouraged to try this game.


  • Seven Tier VIP Club
  • Professional feel to the game
  • A lot of welcoming bonuses


  • Wager only in US dollars
  • Complicated and not easy to understand
Rating: 9/10

9. SCR888 Halloween Fortune

Halloween fortune online casino game cover picture

This game has very nice bonus features and a great Halloween October Theme. Can win up to 20 free spins for picking up any witches that appear on the screen.


  • High chance of free and exciting bonuses
  • Has a combination of both scatter and wild multipliers
  • When winning 20 free spins, the spins come with a 10X multiplier


  • No progressive jackpot system.
  • After few levels, players need to deposit to continue playing
Rating: 8/10

10. The Bonus Bears

Bonus bears

This game suits both experienced and new players. It has many bonuses to be won and the user interface is very friendly for everyone to get used to when playing this game online.


  • Interface very easy to use
  • The download is fast and easy
  • Many welcoming bonuses
  • Lots of incentives to win


  • This new game has limited levels to play
  • Needs the latest software update
Rating: 8/10

SCR888 Online Casino

Those are the top 10 most popular games on SCR888 for playing on mobile online. Some of them do no need deposits and you can just get your access from the game agent. Try and make smart moves when playing this game to have the best experience. This game is a classic example of the best online casino slot games around and will stay for very long if the popularity keeps on increasing in Malaysia and the world. Get the game and try it out for yourself! It’s completely free to try. Thanks for reading and hope to see you coming back for a more popular tips selection!

918Kiss Daftar

xe88 register


XE88 – A new game is launched, it’s different from 918kiss, scr888, and pussy888. It has a daily quest and random bonus for all the players. The game is highly recommended for new players to start with. Just complete all the daily quest and you can earn extra bonus for you.

The Gambling Gauntlet Of Malaysia

There are only a few challenges every gambler faces in a real casino and also on a virtual one. The most problematic challenge is running the gauntlet of bets that can destroy or bring fortune to someone’s life. This is a common hope for many players but those who run the Gauntlet are categorized as above-average players where they would throw extremely high bets even when paired with a small total credit value This tricks the game into thinking that this player deserves a higher chance of winning and then gives it to them. Running the gauntlet also comes at risk though, the player that runs the gauntlet will be at the highest risk possible as well because of their low credit and then their high betting value. If the player wins, the player would get an extremely high reward and if he loses, the damage could be a lot.

The Gambling Cycle Trick

There is one trick you can use in Livemobile88 to possibly get a higher chance of winning games. This trick requires you to keep interchanging between games until you have won. First, pick one game and then bet a little on that number. Then you would need to jump into another game and do the same thing. Then by this point, you will need to watch the random value and make sure it is above 10 000 points to proceed with the game that you want to proceed with. The game reads the cycle as a random game and we will get the most out of bets when players land on the right game with the right random value and then they would be able to earn by throwing large bets at a winning game streak.

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